WICKEDNESS!!! Pregnant Woman Ate Coconut Brought from the Village and Gave Birth To a Life Tortoise (Graphic Photos)

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The congregation witnessed an incredible and mind boggling event, as one of the sisters in the church that goes by the name Sis. Cassandra Amaka Obi, gave birth to a live tortoise during the rhema water ministration session of the programme by the overseer, Prophet Chinonso Aniebo. According to Cassandra, she started feeling indifferent after she ate the coconut brought back by her husband from his trip to her fathers house in the village.
“My Husband travelled to my father’s compound in the village, despite my suggestion that he informs the prophet for approval before going on the trip,but he declined.
On getting there he discovered that my parents were not around, but their maid was around, so he chatted with the maid a little and afterwards she gave him three coconuts to give to me. So on returning from the village he gave me the coconuts and told me to share the coconuts to my neighbours, but I shared all but one that I ate.”
Prior to this event, it is imperative to note that Sis. Cassandra is the same sister who vomited a padlock, that was invoked into her body by her father (who is a notorious herbalist) as a sign of her dedication to his idol.
Sis. Cassandra explained that she felt a discomfort in her stomach immediately after eating the said coconut, and as days went by she complained to the prophet over the phone of her predicament, and he urged her to come to the rhema water programme in the evening of that said day being the third day of the rhema water programme.
It was at this rhema water programme that she was administered the anointed rhema water. In an instant a pool of blood started gathering as blood gushed from her private parts as she was delivered of a live tortoise to the amazement of the congregation, a testament to the efficacy of the power of the rhema water, her deliverance was complete.
Indeed, it is an uncontroversial affirmation that there is truly rhema (Power of God’s word) in the water. In a night where the power of God was manifested in its full glory, Sis. Cassandra’s miracle has taken place and she is free.
May God deliver us from all this Wicked people!!!

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Subscribe to Our Channel on BBM For Free Latest PORN, Pin: C002038A2

Subscribe to Our Channel on BBM For Free Latest PORN, Pin: C002038A2

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